The PPI Scandal: What Happened And When

Nearly everyone who has taken out a credit card, mortgage or loan will surely know a fair bit about the mis selling of PPI by now, but they may not know how news of the scandal broke and the dramatic sequence of events which ensued. Here’s a brief timeline of PPI’s fall from grace:

Which? magazine flags PPI as being a poor-value product because of expense and exclusions.

Problems associated with PPI are highlighted in a number of broadsheet newspapers, including The Daily Telegraph and The Sunday Telegraph.

Jan 2005
FSA prioritises a review of PPI as it takes on the regulation of the sale of general insurance. vSept 2005: “Super Complaint” issued to the Office of Fair Trading over PPI sales by Citizens Advice following the publication of its Protection Racket on the issue.

Nov 2005
In its first report on PPI, the FSA identifies poor selling practices and lack of compliance controls following mystery shopping exercises. The key findings are put to all chief executives.

Sept/Oct 2006
Small firms fined by FSA for mis selling.

Oct 2006
24 companies enter “enforcement procedures” for PPI failings following a further FSA report.

Jan/Feb 2007
Major PPI providers fined by FSA for unfair treatment of customers.

Sept 2007
Egg, Liverpool Victoria and Land of Leather fined by FSA over PPI failings.

Jan 2008
Competition Commission publishes paper on profitability of PPI, while FSA imposes yet more fines on PPI providers.

March 2008
Comparative tables for PPI introduced by FSA.

April 2008
Further problems in PPI market revealed in two papers published by Competition Commission.

May 2008
Which? claims that up to two million people have been sold a policy they will never be able to claim on.

July 2008
FSA asked by Financial Ombudsman Service to investigate how firms are handling PPI complaints.

Sept 2008
Which? reveal that 1.3m people mistakenly believe they would be approved for a credit card if they took PPI.

Oct 2008
Alliance & Leicester fined £7m for mis-selling PPI.

Jan 2009
Barclays object to Competition Commission’s recommendation that PPI should not be sold alongside a loan.

Feb 2009
FSA asks banks to stop selling single-premium PPI with loans.

May 2009
Sales of single-premium PPI banned by FSA.

Oct 2010
Banks argue that new measures impose standards retrospectively.

Oct 2010
Competition Commission confirms PPI cannot be sold at point of sale.

Jan 2011
High Court case commences.

April 2011
High Court judge rules against banks.

May 2011
After initially deciding to challenge the ruling, Lloyds Banking Group withdraws, instead seeking to "draw a line" under the affair.

May 2011
British Bankers' Association decides also decides not to appeal.

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