PPI Claims – Dis-spelling The Myths

Here at missoldppiclaims.info, we talk to many people who feel aggrieved that they may have been mis sold PPI and are concerned that they may never get their money back. While every person with a valid case has every chance of securing a PPI refund, many myths perpetuate as to why a payment protection insurance claim may not prove successful or be the best route to take. Here are some of the mis-conceptions we come across most frequently:

1. “I can’t make a claim because I agreed to take out a PPI policy”

True, you may have known about it, but you may still have been misled and therefore mis sold PPI. For example, you may have been wrongly told it was compulsory or have purchased it despite being ineligible; therefore we advise that a claim should still be pursued as unlawful practice may have occurred during the sales process.

2. “I can’t claim as I don’t have the necessary paperwork”

If you have lost or destroyed paperwork (which many of you undoubtedly will have given that cases of mis selling began some 10 years ago) there’s no need to worry – we can advise on how you can get important documentation back from the bank as they have a duty to provide it.

3. “Making a PPI claim will affect my credit rating”

This is a common misconception and totally untrue, providing your payments don’t lapse during your claim. In fact, you can even make a claim against your current lender and your relationship shouldn’t change as a result.

4. “A list of people with PPI is held on a central database”

Erm, no it’s not. This is just a claim made by companies who cold-call when in fact the database they are using is probably just a list of names and phone numbers purchased from a marketing company. Banks are not allowed to pass on such information (and why would they given that it would just prompt thousands more claims against them!) If therefore a company is prepared to mislead you from the outset then the question you should be asking yourself is “do I trust these people with my PPI reclaim?”

5. “It’s just not worth it”

We understand that people lead busy lives and there isn’t always enough time to dedicate towards what can potentially be a very drawn out process. This is why we encourage people to hand everything over to us as we can process the claim on your behalf. Our team of specialists can get a full refund back to you as quickly as possible with no charge if your claim isn’t successful. So what’s to lose? Through just a little effort on your part, starting with a call to our hotline – 0800 043 2027 – you could be holding a cheque for thousands in just a few months time.