10 Reasons To Make A PPI Claim

Unless you’ve been living on a remote island for the past few years, you’ll be familiar with PPI, know what it stands for (Payment Protection Insurance) and have a general idea of what all the fuss has been about. However, you may not be convinced about going heading and making a PPI claim for one reason or another. Well, here are 10 reasons why seeking PPI compensation is a good idea:

  1. It is your money and you are entitled to it back! If you were mis sold PPI then your hard-earned cash has been unethically taken from you as you have been unfairly charged for a product you either didn’t want, didn’t need, didn’t know about or weren’t eligible for.

  2. You have every right to seek PPI compensation for the financial losses you have incurred as the lenders are entirely to blame, not you. By wrongfully charging you PPI your trust in the lender has been breached therefore you are entitled to a settlement.

  3. It’s an easy way to get a substantial cash boost. With professional services offered by the likes of missoldppiclaims.info claiming couldn’t be simpler as all the hard work will be carried out on your behalf.

  4. While the amount of your PPI refund will depend on your personal situation and case, it could be of a significant size – from thousands to tens of thousands of pounds – therefore a claim would certainly be worth your while.

  5. As the practice of PPI mis selling was rife, you may be entitled to make numerous claims if you’ve taken out loans, mortgages or credit cards in the last decade.

  6. By needlessly being out-of-pocket every month you could have found yourself in tricky financial situations therefore a nice lump sum would be recompense for these periods of hardship.

  7. You can send a message to the banks and credit card companies that such devious behaviour is totally unacceptable by being one of the thousands of people to successfully make a claim against them. They must not be allowed to abuse their positions of trust once again and the only way to ensure this is by hitting them where it hurts and making a dent in their profits.

  8. Any money that you win in compensation could be used to settle any current debts that you may have, thus making your financial situation more secure.

  9. If your PPI claim is successful it will not affect your financial relationship with your lender. They should not treat you differently if you make a claim for mis sold PPI, your credit rating will not be affected and your ability to take further loans or credit cards will remain unchanged. Further mistreatment, on the back of being mis sold PPI, would be highly unethical and would only prompt further negative press coverage which the banks could do without.

If you are now convinced that you should go ahead and make a PPI claim call our hotline 0800 043 2027 where one of our expert advisors will be on hand to discuss your claim, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.